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Yes, I did try to retire once before, although the Covid lockdowns prevented me from completing

all my outstanding commitments, and it's taken a long time to finally catch up.

But this is it - Elvis WILL finally be leaving the building!

So what's happening?

The next few months will see my final ever group workshops, the very last chance to do a workshop you missed, or to revisit a workshop you've previously enjoyed.  Lots of people have been in touch

to say that since Covid they've missed my workshops, and that they'd love to do another.

So, I've listened, and this is that final opportunity.

If you like the idea, hit the big 'Workshops' button below.

It's been quite a journey...

I'm 70 years old now, which means that I've been a pro Photographer for 50 years,

a Photography Teacher for 25 years and a Photoshop Teacher for 17 years.

Over those years, through group workshops and 1:1 master classes,

I've taught around 3,000 people to become better photographers,

many of whom have gone on to truly amazing creative heights, and you can

check out some of their beautiful work here.

I also wrote and presented the ITV Tyne Tees photography series ‘A Moment in Time’

during which I became the first person to demonstrate Adobe Photoshop on UK television.

I've been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful clients in the UK and abroad

including Sky TV, BBC, ITV, Sunday Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal,

Nissan, Westland Helicopters, Newcastle United, Northumbria Police, Bombardier Trains,

Formica, BAE Systems, several charities, NHS Trusts and local authorities.

Voluntary Work

I've long believed in the therapeutic potential of photography and for the last 18 years,

I've devised and delivered photography-based events and activities aimed at helping

people who are in dark places in their lives, including:

Hospice patients and their familes

Families bereaved through violent crime

Stroke patients

Children in the care system

Children excluded from mainstream education

Ex-servicemen and women

Recovering alcohol & drug users.

I also devised creative projects that brought together several bereaved parents whose children were lost to violent crime; and devised a major knife crime initiative for Northumbria Police, representing families bereaved through knife crime as a keynote speaker at the launch conference.

And what WILL you be doing, longer term Neil?

I have been involved in bereavement support work for many years, working with two national charities and as a funeral celebrant, and that melting pot of activity will keep me busy, I'm sure!