Every organisation, from world-famous manufacturers (featured here) to brilliantly talented individual artists (also featured here), requires imagery.  To compete and to be taken seriously, you need high quality imagery - which can be expensive if you're always hiring a professional photographer.  However, with a decent DSLR camera and on-site training, you can shoot your own images to a high standard at significantly lower cost and with greater control over the final results.

If you're a company, large or small, a charity, a school, sports club or Church group, why not get in touch to discuss an in-house photography training session.  I have many years experience in industrial and commercial photography, as well as with schools, colleges and voluntary groups.  I'll show you how to shoot your products to a professional standard and how to take people pictures without awkwardness!  I can also advise on equipment purchase where necessary.

Please feel free to call or email me to have an intital discussion, without cost or obligation.

In-House Training


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